Tyler Gibbs, Director of Retail Operations

<b>Tyler Gibbs</b> grew up in the upstate of South Carolina with two loving parents and four siblings. He got his first job in coffee when he was 16 and has been making coffee ever since.  "I was lucky enough to be involved in the early years of Little River helping bag coffee and learning how to roast in the mountains of North Carolina”. After high school, Tyler moved to San Clemente, California to go to school and took a job with a little company called Starbucks. There, he managed multiple cafés and truly began to focus on how coffee could shape his career. Tyler married in 2009 and he and his family moved to Washington state outside of Seattle. "I've been blessed to live in areas that have a history of being leaders in the coffee world. Seattle opened my eyes to a world of coffee that I never knew existed. I spent years in the coffee capital eating and breathing everything coffee.  I have a hunger and a passion to find and make the best coffees in the word and bridge the gap between farmers and consumers. This passion is what led me to come back to South Carolina and help make Spartanburg a place to find and discover the best coffee in the world."


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