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Did you know that coffee actually grows on trees? The trees can grow to be up to 30 feet tall, but farmers keep them cut down to typically 6-8 feet so they can more easily pick the beans by hand. The coffee itself is a seed that grows inside the “cherry” of the plant. You can actually pick the cherries off the trees and eat them plain! They taste a little like a sweet bell pepper, and that seed you find in the middle is your coffee bean. Typically, two coffee beans are found in each cherry, with the exception of what is called a peaberry. After being picked, the beans are separated from the cherries, cleaned of their pulp, and dried before being bagged and shipped to the roaster. At this point, the beans are a light green color. The roaster cooks the beans at very high temperatures (usually over 400°), where the beans darken and expand, giving it that great coffee flavor!

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