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Colombia Part 4

Not only does CAFEXCOOP help farmers sell their beans, but they also help farmers increase production and grow better quality beans!  On our final day with Jesus, we got to meet agronomist Luis Fernando (pictured to the left) and visit an experimental farm run by CAFEXCOOP meant to develop hybrid coffee beans that are rust resistant.

“Rust” is a disease that is slowly making its way up Central America and destroying whole coffee farms.  The disease itself kills the leaves of coffee plants, which provide the nutrition for the beans.  Eventually it makes the entire coffee plant die and can wipe out entire farms in one season- which can be completely disastrous for the farmers and their families.  There is no good way to prevent rust, especially organically, but there are coffee plants that are rust resistant, and for that, CAFEXCOOP steps in!

CAFEXCOOP has multiple experimental farms across Colombia specifically designed to organically develop coffee plants that grow the best in the Colombian conditions and simultaneously resist rust.  No chemicals are used in the process, making the new beans completely organic, and very helpful to farmers.  CAFEXCOOP has developed different types of hybrid coffee plants for each of the different climates and altitudes in Colombia.   The experimental farms are constantly improving the options for farmers who want to remain organic but cannot control rust.

Because CAFEXCOOP is an organization existing solely for the purpose of helping Colombians export the best coffee possible, Colombian farmers are able to produce really outstanding beans that farmers from other countries do not have the resources to produce.  They help farmers get the best price possible for their product and also teach farmers how to maintain sustainable practices on their farms.  It is a lot of control, but in the end we learned that it helps as many people as possible along the way.

We loved our visit to Colombia to get to know Jesus and all of the farmers at La Loma, and we’re very excited to offer their Micro Lots at our roaster.  We’d love for you to check them out and see if you love the taste as much as we do!  If you want to get to know even more about our friends at La Loma or any of our partner farms, please check out our Flickr page, visit our Partner Farms page on our site, and stay tuned for future blogs!


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