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RJ Rockers Half Calf

If there is anything that Gerv loves almost as much as good coffee, it’s good beer.  So when local brewing company, RJ Rockers approached Gervais about brewing a Coffee Stout, of course he was going to say yes!  What’s better than supporting local?  Supporting local while enjoying coffee and beer!

We touched base with Taylor White from RJ Rockers to find out a little more about the whole process, and wanted to share that with you here:

Why did you decide to make a coffee beer?

"Half Calf" is the third beer that RJ Rockers has put together with Holy City Brewing down in Charleston and one that was so successful after its initial release in February of 2014 that we decided we had to brew it again this year.  We try to get more creative and complex with each collaboration we do so we thought a Coffee Milk Stout would be an interesting style to brew since we are both fans of good beer and good coffee, and the milk stout aspect would add some sweetness to an otherwise very roasty brew.

Why did you choose to use Little River Coffee?

Using Little River was a no brainer for us; Gervais has helped us out before with a previous coffee beer and has helped me personally develop a palate for different styles of coffee.

How does it work?  How do you make it?

We left the coffee side to the expert; Gervais cold brewed and filtered 15 gallons of Nicaraguan coffee for us that we added to the kettle, post boil, on Half Calf's brew day.  The result is a hearty blend of Low Country and Upstate flavors that is sure to impress both coffee and beer drinkers alike. 

Where can you buy Half Calf?

Grab a pint at RJ Rockers or Holy City while supplies last and be sure to look for cans of Half Calf in Charleston and Spartanburg starting in late February or early March. 


Gerv says he thinks Half Calf is the best coffee stout ever!  We’ve really enjoyed working with RJ Rockers, and we’re so excited about Half Calf cans coming at the end of next month!   That’s right- Taylor is in Charleston right now brewing another batch of Half Calf specifically to be canned.  For those of our followers in the Charleston area, Holy City will be offering many RJ beers, including Half Calf, on tap today (Friday, January 30) from 2-8.  For those of us in Spartanburg, we’ll just have to wait it out until after Taylor gets back.  But if you love good coffee and you love good beer, we know you’ll love Half Calf!  

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