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Coffee Fest 2015

This past weekend, Gervais, Danny, Jennifer and I headed out to Coffee Fest in Atlanta.  Coffee Fest is a huge coffee expo where lots of different vendors from all aspects of coffee set up booths to teach people about their businesses and ideas.  There are tons of coffee tastings and competitions, classes on different techniques, and many many people to meet.  We tried to make it to as many booths as possible while we were there, and we were excited to learn that there are a lot of people that have the same ideas about coffee as we do!  Here are a couple of cool things we learned and a couple things we can all look forward too in the future:

1) We are not the only people who like to know where our coffee comes from.  We met lots of people who have established relationships all over the world with different farms and roasters.  Land of a Thousand Hills coffee company, located in Roswell, GA has developed relationships with farmers in Rwanda.  They sell predominately Rwandan coffee with the motto “Drink Coffee. Do Good” and often go visit the farmers in Rwanda, like we do with our relationship farms.  Numi Tea is a leader in Fair Trade Certified teas, and they make an effort to get to know the farmers of their teas.  They have visited many farms and can tell you exactly where each packet of their tea comes from.  JC Coffee Farms is a group of farms in Brazil that try to bring their coffee directly from their farms to roasters in the US, getting to know the roasters while the roasters get to know them.  We enjoyed meeting them and are excited to get to know them better… who knows, maybe we could have a new partner farm in the works!

2) We are not the only people who want to take coffee consumption green!  Everywhere we turned at Coffee Fest there was another business or organization with compostable cups, bags, K-cups, etc…  Numi Tea makes all of their tea packaging out of recycled consumer waste, and their tea bags and boxes are compostable!  They are working on trying to make a compostable tea package that maintains the flavors of the tea.  Once they do, they’ll basically have 100% compostable packaging!  Pacific Market International, the company that makes Stanley and Aladdin thermoses and coolers, has developed a new line of sustainable, reusable coffee cups.  They can be washed and used up to 100 times, so PMI encourages coffee shops to use them as a form of customer rewards program- you buy the cup once and then get a discount every time you bring the cup in for coffee!  Look forward to that being a possibility in LRR’s future!

3) We’re ready to travel somewhere soon!  We got a chance to visit with Matti Foncha, the man who helped found Cameroon Boyo Coffee, our oldest coffee relationship!  Matti spends almost half of the year in Cameroon, helping the farmers plant, pick and process the coffee.  He flew back from Cameroon specifically for Coffee Fest and is headed back to Cameroon soon.  Gervais has been very interested in visiting the farmers in Cameroon, and Matti is excited to try to make that happen!  Look for more updates to come about a possible trip later this year!

We really enjoyed Coffee Fest and are excited about everything we learned!  We can’t wait to try out some new things, visit some new places, and build new relationships at Little River this year! 

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