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Did you know that the average American drinks just over 3 cups of coffee per day?  According to numerous studies and articles, including this one from Harvard, the average American drinks 3.1 nine ounce cups of coffee every day!  We thought it might be fun to do the math and see where that took us, and the results we got were so interesting that we just had to share:

If you drink 3 nine ounce cups of coffee a day, that means you drink 27 ounces a day, or 9,855 ounces per year.  We recommend when brewing coffee that you use 1 level tablespoon per cup.  Keep in mind that standard coffee makers consider one cup to be 5 ounces, not the 9 that is average.  So that means that you use about 1,971 Tbs of coffee each year.  We weighed it out and determined that one tablespoon of ground coffee is about .2 ounces, which means you need 394.2 ounces of ground coffee.  There are 16 ounces in a pound, so you’ll use 24.6375 pounds of coffee every year.

This is where it gets really crazy.  One coffee tree produces between 1 and 1.5 pounds of roasted coffee every year.  To produce 24.6375 pounds of coffee, it takes somewhere between 16.425 and 24.6375 coffee trees to produce your coffee each year.  That averages out to about 20.5.   That means that if you drink around 3 nine ounce cups of coffee every day like the average American, and you brew your coffee the way we recommend, you will need around 20 and a half coffee trees devoted just to your coffee consumption every year!

In most countries, coffee trees are picked by hand, and the beans then have to go through up to six more processes before they can be roasted.   That is a lot of coffee and a lot of work for just one person’s coffee consumption!  But that also means that by paying the right amount for your coffee, you alone can be providing a good deal of support to a particular farmer, family, group or co-op!  That’s why we like to make sure you know where your coffee comes from!  And we encourage you #togettoknowyourcoffee!

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