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We’ve got some great news for all of you Costa Rican lovers out there!  Our Costa Rican order should be coming in in the next few weeks!  We can’t wait to let you know once it has cleared customs, and you’ll be able to start pre-ordering pounds right away!  For those of you who don’t know, Costa Rican is one of LRR’s relationship coffees and a customer favorite!  We got to visit La Amistad estate in 2011 to get to know the estate and its owner Roberto, and we’re excited to introduce him to you now!

Roberto Montero is a native of Costa Rica and lives in San Jose when he is not (and he often is) visiting his Reserve at the very south of the country.  The Monteros have owned La Amistad since 1889, and have been very focused on land preservation and sustainable living from the beginning.  The majority of their land is an established Rainforest Reserve that the Monteros have always been committed to preserving.  Between only 5 and 10% of the 23,465 acres that Roberto owns is used for farming, and the coffee plots themselves are interspersed among the trees, producing a very good environmentally friendly and shade grown coffee. 

Roberto has established newer practices even within the last few years to guarantee that the farm leaves zero carbon footprint.  The water used to wash the coffee is reused for waterpower to run the coffee dryers.  The pulp and cherries that are separated from the coffee are composted on site, and the compost is used to organically fertilize the coffee.  Roberto’s farm is a beautiful example of what zero waste and sustainable farming look like, and have been since before that was even really a thing to do!

Roberto’s family is actively engaged with the families that live in the small town around the estate.  The last few years, they have collected donations of school supplies to give to up to 80 children in the area so that they can attend school.  The estate hosts a Christmas party/carnival and includes the families and children of the area.  He also provides housing and work to many indigenous groups who travel across Central America during coffee season looking for work.  Because the reserve is a protected area, La Amistad can also help provide clean water to the families of the area.  Roberto and his family want to have a positive affect on the world around them, and you can see it in many aspects of his estate.

In addition to the Rainforest and the Coffee Farm, Roberto’s estate is also home to an eco-lodge, where tourists from all over can come visit the Reserve, take tours of the rainforest and enjoy seeing the many types of cats, monkeys, butterflies and birds (over 400 types!) that the Rainforest is home to.  In recent years, the United Nations and UNESCO have declared Roberto’s reserve to be both a World Heritage Site and part of the World Biosphere Reserve.  The Smithsonian institute has also honored Roberto for his sustainable practices, and next week we’re looking forward to sharing with you more about what Bird Friendly and Shade Grown coffee really are! 

As we get more updates about when our Costa Rican order will arrive, we will let you know, but for now, feel free to check out the Hacienda La Amistad website and visit their facebook page to see more.  You can also read more about our relationship with La Amistad on our Partner Farms page, and check out our Flickr Album of pictures from our trip to meet Roberto!  We are proud to serve this great Costa Rican coffee and are really looking forward to having it available to you again soon!

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