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We're Back!

We’re back!


Now we know some of you might be thinking “you were gone?” and others have probably been wondering if we took a trip to Mars or something.  The truth is, we kind of live double lives, and we think now is a really good time to fully introduce ourselves to you:


Many of you may know this, but Gervais and I (Leland- the up until now anonymous blogger) work at a summer camp in North Carolina and have spent our summers there since before Little River was more than an actual river.  Gervais runs the kitchen, encouraging a staff of about 40 high schoolers to make amazing home cooked meals three times a day, seven days a week for about 750 people!  For you math enthusiasts, thats about 190,000 individual meals.  The kitchen at camp is most famous for their pizza nights, where they will make up to 450 completely homemade (dough and sauce from scratch) pizzas!  It is a lot of fun, a lot of adventure and a lot of work!  While Gerv is doing that, I am the videographer.  I film much of camp’s activities and aim to produce about 40 videos a summer, so that people at home can see and experience what is going on at camp. 


Now, we don’t leave the world of coffee behind completely while we’re gone.  We serve LRR every single day, getting new college and high school students hooked on coffee culture daily.  Gerv’s kitchen crew really jump on board, and love to use their kitchen experience to try new things.  They especially love making iced coffee and trying different flavors and infusions!  A few of them also spent the summer helping us develop a Nitro Brew- iced coffee served on tap that makes it possible to can coffee (more on that to come).  Coffee is definitely a part of our camp lifestyle.


Now, some of you are probably saying- Leland, you guys work at a summer camp.  It’s October.  And you’re right.  But Gervais also runs the off-season at camp, and thus is there much of the fall, organizing events and retreats for different groups that visit.  We live for coffee then too- at one point this fall, the power went out, and Gervais made a French Press of coffee on the gas stove for almost 500 people!  We never stop thinking about coffee, even if we don’t act like it all the time. 


All that said, this is the first summer that we have tried to balance being at camp with maintaining the new LRR website.  Gerv and I both went into the summer with great visions of keeping you updated on what we were working on and what was happening at LRR, and we seemingly failed miserably.  We can go ahead and promise now that we are working on a better plan for next year to keep you in the loop.  And between now and then, you can look forward to plenty of updates, blogs and social media posts from us!


And boy do we have a lot of fun coming your way.  To start, we can’t wait to share with you all about our new Nitro Coffee that we’ve been working on.  If you want to go ahead and check it out, swing by The Coffee Bar and try a glass.  We’ve also got new mugs, new shirts, new stickers and new micro lots that we can’t wait to share.  And most exciting- Gervais and I are heading to Cameroon in a couple of weeks to meet some of our first relationship farmers and get to know the area and people there.  We are so excited to be back in action, and can’t wait to share it all with you too!


We’ve sure missed ya!


-Gervais and Leland-

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