Organic Costa Rican La Amistad Medium Roast

Organic Costa Rican La Amistad Medium Roast

Roast Level: Medium
Farm: La Amistad Estate
Body: Full
Palate and Aroma: Chocolate, Syrupy, Fruity Finish

$14.99 per pound


As one of our relationship coffees, our Costa Rican is prized for being a clean, bright and very well balanced cup of coffee. The La Amistad Estate, owned and operated by Roberto Montero, is located in the south of Costa Rica, near the Panama boarder, and is completely surrounded by the La Amistad Rainforest Reserve. Roberto is committed to land conservation, and has made developments to his farm so that his coffee and fruit production leave a zero-carbon footprint. The coffee is shade grown among the fruit trees of the farm, which is perhaps why it has a hint of fruitiness. We roast it to Medium, which gives it a full body with medium acidity and notes of chocolate and syrup. This bright cup is one of our customer favorites! If you would like to read more about our relationship with the La Amistad Estate, please check out our relationship coffee pages.


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