Cameroon Boyo Belo Farmers Medium Roast

Cameroon Boyo Belo Farmers Medium Roast

Roast Level: Medium
Producers: Belo Farmers, Boyo Region, Cameroon
Body: Full
Palate and Aroma: Earthy, Buttery, Milk Chocolate

$14.58 per pound


Our first relationship coffee, the Organic Cameroon Boyo is grown in the Boyo region of northwest Cameroon by a group of individual farmers devoted to a quality production and fair trade of their product. Because the farmers themselves own the company, the sales go directly to the farmers and their families, which helps them maintain a better quality of life and simultaneously produce a higher quality bean. We roast their Cameroon Boyo to medium, which makes a smooth, yet full-bodied cup full of earthy flavors.


WOW! Review by Gwen
Since our very first cup of Cameroon Boyo, my husband and I have not been pleased with ANY other coffee! We live in Florida, and have to plan our orders so that we NEVER run out - while always enjoying our coffee beans so FRESHLY roasted! (We are definitely coffee-spoiled!)
Cameroon Boyo comes closer than any coffee we have ever had to TASTING the way it SMELLS!
The only thing that rivals the quality and integrity of this coffee is the company from which we purchase it! Thank you, Little River Roasters!!!
(Posted on 1/10/2015)
Love it! Review by Drew
I buy all of my coffee from Little River. Great company with great coffee! (Posted on 11/26/2014)

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