Organic Fair Trade Sumatran

Organic Fair Trade Sumatran

Roast Level: Dark
Body: Heavy
Palate and Aroma: Mildly Earthy, Chocolate

$19.56 per pound


The Island of Sumatra, located right between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, is the largest coffee producer in Indonesia. Our Sumatran Mandheling is grown in Northern Sumatra, and is named for the Mandailing people who grow coffee in the Tapanuli region of the island. They are known for their wet-hull coffee processing, which differs from many other coffee growers, and contributes to the uniquely robust taste and heavy body of the coffee. This, combined with our dark roast, results in an earthy and chocolaty coffee with a good balance and a hint of spice.


Delish! Review by May
This coffee is consistently excellent. We try others, but always include Sumatra in our shipment. (Posted on 2/5/2015)

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