Sulawesi Celebes Kolassi

Sulawesi Celebes Kolassi

Roast Level: Dark
Body: Heavy
Palate and Aroma: Cedar, Syrupy, Bakers Chocolate

$17.06 per pound


Indonesia, a group of islands located right where the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean meet is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world. As part of that group of producers, Sulawesi stands out for producing a coffee with a brighter, cleaner cup than other Indonesians, which is why their coffee is our most popular single origin dark roast! Our Sulawesi is grown in the Tana Toraja mountainous region of South Sulawesi. We roast it to a Dark, giving it a heavy body with a smoky, syrupy taste. This is the perfect option for those who prefer a dark, robust cup!


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