Jamaica Blue Mountain | Clydesdale Estate

Jamaica Blue Mountain | Clydesdale Estate

ROASTS AND SHIPS MONDAY 12.16.19 Quantities are very limited!
$45.00 per pound


Coffee fanatics know that Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is amazing and rare and we have a limited supply available for pre-order!  The Clydesdale Estate was founded by Dr. Colin McClarty, a British citizen, in the late 1700’s. Though no longer actively producing coffee, the Clydesdale Estate remains a historical icon of coffee production in Jamaica. The Clydesdale region, for which this coffee is named, is located on the southern slopes of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. In 1953, the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica granted special status to Blue Mountain coffee, establishing a standard all exported coffee must meet to earn the Jamaican Blue Mountain mark.  Roasted: Light-medium Notes: Dark chocolate, honey, and meyer lemon


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