Cameroon Boyo Belo Farmers Light Roast

Cameroon Boyo Belo Farmers Light Roast

Roast Level: Light

Producers: Belo Farmers, Boyo Region, Cameroon

Body: Light

Palate and Aroma: Citrus, Earthy

$13.14 per pound

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$13.14 per pound


Also called Tuxedo Roast, after LRR's birthplace in Tuxedo, NC. It is a lightly roasted version of our Cameroon Boyo. Our first relationship coffee, Cameroon Boyo is grown in the highlands of northwest Cameroon, by a group of individual farmers who work together to sell their coffee directly to roasters through a micro-economic system that helps the farmers maintain a higher standard of living while producing a higher quality bean. Their coffee is known for being able to be roasted at any level and still provide a delicious cup. For our Tuxedo Roast, we roast it lightly to bring out a light earthy coffee with citrus tones that still has the full body and taste of a gourmet roast! This is the perfect introduction to gourmet coffee for someone who may be used to drinking lighter-roasted coffees.


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