Great coffee begins with quality beans and is made perfect through the roasting process.  The Little River Roasting crew uses a small 25-pound drum roaster. Working in small batches, we create handcrafted roasted coffee beans, achieving the highest quality available.

Our Team

A hands-on team creates the best roasts, hands down.

Just like we think it's important to know the people who grow our beans, our customers deserve to know a little bit about the team behind their brews.  If you're anything like us, you might even think your cup of Joe tastes better when you meet the folks who roasted it.

Gervais Hollowell purchased Little River Roasting from a friend in 2001 and hasn't stopped working since. He's the heart, soul and man-power behind the team, from traveling to meet farmers, to roasting beans, to operating the fork-lift in the warehouse. MORE»

Born in Bluefield, West Virginia, Daniel Hagerman moved to Spartanburg as a child and hasn't wanted to leave since. He started working at Little River as a barista in 2010. MORE»

Jennifer Honeman hails from New Orleans, LA and tributes her love for gab to years of socializing in the Big Easy. She serves as general manager and social director extraordinaire at Coffee Bar East MORE»

Tyler Gibbs grew up in the Upstate of South Carolina, moved to California after high school and began working for Starbucks. In 2009 he moved to Seattle until this year when he moved back home to the Upstate to work with Little River Roasting. MORE»

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