Sustainable Coffee

Sustainability has been increasing in popularity in recent years, especially within the coffee industry for the past decade or so and for good reason too. The coffee supply chain has not always been the most fair or sustainable system but thankfully things are moving in the right direction within the specialty coffee world. Sustainability is more than a buzzword for us. Here at Little River Roasting we’re committed to our Three Pillars of Sustainability:

  • A Zero Waste Future: We use compostable packaging as well as working with Atlas Organics for our cafes’ composting needs. What we can’t compost we recycle. After that, we only send to the landfill those things that we can’t compost or recycle. For more than a decade now we’ve sought out compostable and recyclable products for everything we use in our shops.
  • Ethically Sourced Coffee: Peru ANACCAFE Co-op, Cameroon Boyo Coffee, and Costa Rica La Amistad are among our Partner Farms, from which we buy directly. This allows transparent and fair pricing, which puts more money directly into farmers’ hands. Our other offerings are sourced from Royal New York. Royal New York is a great company that imports specialty coffee from around the world with a range of certifications from Bird Friendly, to Rainforest Certified, and more. Additionally, their Plainfield New Jersey facility is entirely solar powered!
  • Employees & Community: As a small business we recognize that our employees ARE Little River Roasting. With each passing year we work on new ways to show our team just how much we care by offering competitive pay & raises and paid vacation & sick days. We also work really hard to help our employees achieve their personal goals by offering flexible schedules to make room for higher education, self-care time, and family. Our employees are part of our local community and our community makes all of this possible for our company. We make strong efforts to donate regularly to civic organizations, local schools, churches, soup kitchens, and more!

As this company grows we will continue to expand our efforts towards sustainability. We are currently working diligently within all three pillars to make Little River an even stronger force for good in the coffee community. Stay tuned to see what we do next!

Gervais of Little River Roasting Co. in Cameroon

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