New Year, New You, New Brew!

January 19, 2021
New Year, New You, New Brew!

It’s finally 2021, and while we have not yet cleared the hurdles of 2020, we can spend the first of this year reflecting on what went well & is deserving of focused gratitude and what we can improve in the new year. Here at Little River we want you all to know that we’re immensely thankful for our wonderful customers. 2020 was very difficult for everyone and that includes small businesses, many of which closed their doors because the loss of business was so drastic. We’re blessed to still be roasting coffee and to still be helping folks start their day. We wouldn’t be here without you and to not make that known to you all would be a huge misstep on our part. Thank you, sincerely.



   A New Year means the possibility of a New You and we think you can foster that change through coffee exploration. Simply put, we would like to encourage you to expand your coffee palate this year. If you strictly drink dark roasts for instance, branch out into medium or even light roasts. “But if I already know what I like, why should I waste my time drinking coffees that I don’t prefer?” The biggest reason you should expand your palate is to challenge your own preconceived notions about what other roasts have to offer. Coffee has such a broad spectrum of flavors and the roasting process is only one aspect in shaping those flavors. Other aspects are the growing altitude, the soil/origin, the varietal (bourbon, catuai, etc.), the process (natural, washed, honey, etc.) Additionally, from year to year coffees flavors vary some based on rainfall and other factors. 

    There’s a wide world of coffee to explore out there and we’d love to help curate some great new coffee experiences for you. You can begin your coffee exploration journey with our new >>> Roaster’s Choice Pack! <<<
This pack includes four half pound bags of our favorite coffees right now. Get out there and try something new! Here’s to the new year, a new me, a new you, and a new brew!

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