Cameroon Boyo Coffee, Cameroon

Cameroon Boyo Coffee is a group made up of small-scale farmers from the Boyo region of northwest Cameroon. The group was founded by Matti Foncha, who wanted to help the famers develop positive business practices that could help them overcome the poverty in which they were living.

The farmers of Cameroon were very small-scale and each had their own means of processing their coffees. After processing, the farmers would mix their coffees to sell them in larger quantities, but because they were all processed differently, the mixture of coffees would produce a very inconsistent and lesser quality cup. Through Cameroon Boyo Coffee, the farmers are learning that if they streamline their processing and work together to make one unified and quality product, they can produce excellent coffee that will sell for a higher price, which will in turn improve their quality of life.

Little River has been working with Matti and Cameroon Boyo Coffee since 2001, making it our longest standing relationship. Matti, a native of the Boyo Region and a resident of Atlanta, GA, works with his family and friends in Cameroon to sell the coffee directly to roasters in the United States. Every year, Matti travels for 3-4 months to Cameroon to aid the farmers with their processing and sales, helping them to avoid middlemen, which results in what CBC refers to as “more than fair” business practices.

You won’t see the term “Fair Trade,” anywhere in reference to Cameroon Boyo Coffee. The farmers at CBC want to pursue “More Than Fair” practices, which they believe is achieved when farmers equitably share both the risks and the profits of their own business; they know that producing the highest possible quality of coffee will best provide for their families and community without their having to charge consumers arbitrarily high prices.

When you buy Cameroon Boyo Coffee or any relationship coffee, from Little River, it is as if you are purchasing the coffee directly from the farmers themselves. If you would like to find out more about Cameroon Boyo Coffee, please visit their website or the More Than Fair website.

We would love for you to try out any of our Cameroon Roasts: Organic Cameroon Boyo or Organic Cameroon Boyo Peaberry.

Coffee From Cameroon Boyo Coffee, Cameroon

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