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Montgomery Building 2018!

2018 Has been a big year thus far for all of us here at Little River Roasting: improvements to our specialty coffee offerings with single origin espresso and micro-lot roasts; new brewing techniques with a La Marzocco Espresso machine and new Kalita pourover equipment; and the addition of our traveling espresso cart for events and the Hub City Farmer's Market. Before that, 2017 brought us a brand-new Diedrich Roaster, a renovation of our East Main St. drive-thru, and our largest announcement to date-- our fourth location, coming in October 2018!

In Little River Roasting's early days, our owner Gervais always dreamed of the chance to open a coffee shop in the historic Montgomery Building, a Spartanburg legend which sat empty at the time. We moved to our original downtown Coffee Bar in the Masonic Temple eight years ago, in August 2010. (Happy Birthday to us!) Since that time, we have seen a large increase in our customer base and foot traffic downtown, as our downtown small business community expands rapidly.  

The Montgomery Building has been a visual and economic gem in Downtown Spartanburg since construction in 1925, and its historic renovation with developer BF Spartanburg is perfectly timed with the local building boom in Spartanburg currently. Built in the height of Hub City's textile boom, it remained the tallest building in Spartanburg-- ten stories-- until the 1950's, and is currently the third tallest in the city. (Coincidentally, our current Masonic Temple neighbors, the Hub City Writer's Project, even had office space in the building early in their creation!) After its closure in the early 2000's, the Montgomery Building sat empty and waiting for the right developer to invest in its historic preservation in Spartanburg...

Throughout their renovation, BF has maintained historical accuracy in both building materials and in returning the grand structure to its original Art-Deco, 1920's glory, down to even the tiniest details of molding casts and paint colors. We are excited to see these details shine through almost a century of history in our new space! Two of the most exciting opportunities with this renovation are the office and apartment tenants on the nine floors above us, and the chance to be a part of Spartanburg's largest, historic renovation to date.

Filled with natural light and historic accents, our location in "The Monty" is situated on the North Church St. corner of the building, conveniently accessed by both the interior arcade hallway and the street. While only two blocks from our West Main St. original Coffee Bar, this new location will be unique in its focus on specialty coffee, a simplified approach with emphasis on our locally-roasted beans and quality brewing, and a beautifully bright space welcoming to local residents, visitors in town, and our fellow small business partners, collaborators, and friends. We can't share too many details with you yet on our menu or design inside, but the end result will be both elegant and inviting, a delicious destination!

Stay tuned for more details on our Facebook pages, and follow @littleriverroasting and @lrrcoffeebar on Instagram for sneak peeks to come with future tours and planning updates!


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